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i can’t imagine not having them.  but, do you have a pair of white jeans that are actually flattering?  me either.

here’s the deal:  you HAVE to own them.  and you WANT to wear them.  but, when you go to put them on, you feel like your legs have def looked better, right?  there has to be a trick or a key or a headline that i missed on the subject of hitting the right note with white denim.

wish i had the answer to this one for you.  i am still looking myself.  but, here are some things that i have learned:

if your white jeans are too tight, i.e., they pucker on the side seam, your legs will look heavier than they are.  white (and lightly colored) denim seems to be much more susceptible to this phenomenon than indigo denim.  perhaps it is because the fabric is thinner.  but, if you notice in the mirror when you turn to the side that you have a pucker running the length of your leg, put that pair in the “do not wear” pile.  (whowhatwear has a great article on figuring out if your jeans are too tight.  read it here.)

on the flip side, you CANNOT go “boyfriend” with cropped white jeans.  this alone will age you 30 years.  for reals.  your grandma wears cropped baggy white pants all summer long.   not you.

so where does that leave us?  we are looking for the unicorn. . .

but i believe she exists — or, better, can be created.  what does it take?  two things.  (1) be honest about your size.  better to accommodate those areas in need of accommodation (think waist or thighs) and tailor the remainder than vice versa – which points to my second requirement:  (2)  be committed to tailoring.  thinking you are just going to slip into perfection is delusional.

when you get to the tailor, tell them you want the leg hemmed two inches above the ankle bone — this will highlight the slenderest part of your leg but still give you considerable length.  also, tell the tailor that you want the leg straight and narrow (but not pegged).  this is a jedi mind trick for a long, lean leg.  and, be patient in the tailoring process.  ask the tailor to re-pin if he gets it wrong the first go ’round.  you need the leg to be very narrow but not tight.  give yourself a tiny space between your leg and the denim.

in the end, we all want our jeans to fit like emmanuelle alt’s.  hers were no accident, to be sure.  perfection takes thought and effort.

i recently ordered these levi’s ct jeans and these from j.crew.  they should arrive this week and i’ve got a call into my tailor.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  also, when i was close to tears packing for spring break, i came very close to laying down some major jack for these by the row — to just sort of put an end to the heartache. . .   for now, i’m giving way to sanity and trying some less expensive options first.

to get you in the perfect mood to seize the day today, turn the volume up on this sick beat when you are getting dressed  and see if you don’t feel like you run this town.

you are welcome!

in the news . . . 

not sure if you caught the wsj. mag this weekend, but my favorite of all favorites, céline, made the cover of the design issue.  the article (read it here) explores the new maison for the luxury fashion brand in a storied neoclassical hotel particulier in the shadow of the palais royale on paris’s right bank.  designed by phoebe philo, herself, along with her c.e.o., marco gobetti, and much like the clothing she sends down the runway, the interiors are sleek, innovative and modern, yet timeless.   i am en feugo for the preservation of the neo-classical elements while embracing a thoroughly modern edge.  such disperate elements held in perfect balance.  see!  it need not be out with the old to be completely fresh and cool.  i am in love!



photos courtesy of pinterest and wsj. mag

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