run…don’t walk and grab this belt

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.55.07 PM

i’m serious. the bcbg catalog came in the mail over the weekend and while i used to be a huge fan of their pants i haven’t bought anything from them in a while. but i saw this belt and it is a must; a need; a i have to have this right now!

i’m always looking for ways to refresh the older items in my closet and wow this will do it. plus you know how caroline and i have love fringe. see here and here and here and here. ok  maybe i love fringe a little too much but it seriously makes a blah outfit fun and we all need a little fun in our life.

the neutral color of the belt will allow it to go with almost anything. i’m thinking with a maxi dress how it’s pictured here or with a long skirt.  may be i’ll try it with a pair of shorts although the fringe may be too long. what about jeans? too much? but that’s the fun part;  trying all these different options with this one accessory and at this price point it is a no brainer decision. go get this belt now.

seriously how much is this dress now

seriously how much is this dress now




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