whew…what a week

sephora eye shadow and liner

sephora eye shadow and liner

after talladega on sunday, i hit the ground running and i haven’t stopped. so my makeup routine has to be fast and simple, especially on weeks like this. one of my favorite products, besides my charlotte tilbury mascara and eye concealer


, is the sephora colorful shadow and liner. it is like a chubby eye liner but perfect for adding a dimension to your eyeshadow when you have a millisecond to get out the door. plus it is very forgiving.

what i do is use a cream shadow in a neutral color as my base, then use the sephora liner in charcoal just above the eyelashes over the cream shadow. it creates a smoky look but i don’t have to worry with whether i’m using the correct brush or did i get it smudged just so; because it is chubby all the hassle goes away

the eye liner comes in twenty-nine colors as well as in matte and glitter.  i’ve only been brave enough to use the black and charcoal but i’m thinking about trying a navy or hunter green. at fourteen dollars (compared to the nars at twenty-five dollars) i can have the luxury of doing just that. this eyeliner has a lot of love at sephora, 30k likes at last count so i’m not the only one who is a fan.



whew…what a week. ready for the weekend so we can hit the ground running again on monday. happy mother’s days to all of our moms.



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