summer basics: superfly bermuda shorts

bermuda shorts from tôteme’s spring collection are the perfect foil for sweltering heat and will keep you looking super fly all summer long.  srsly – the coolest of the cool clothes in the “affordable luxury” space these days are, hands down, from tôteme, the clothing line created by swedish fashion blogger elin kling (check her blog out here) along with her partner/serious boyfriend karl lindman.  the pricing is exactly even with tory burch — but tôteme is way, WAY cooler.  the pieces are so chic and the collection is so well-edited — it’s essentially a brainless transaction — you can’t lose.

the fuller leg of tôteme’s bermuda shorts yields an illusion that the legs are longer and leaner.  (jackpot!).

i tend toward monochromatic separates in the summer just to keep it simple. below, i hooked you up with two mood boards to help you feel tôteme’s bermudas.

with all the craziness going on this time of year, let’s see if we can’t keep it chill . . .


white bermuda shorts.001

bermuda shorts | shades | necklace | earrings | cross-body mini bagplatform sandals | cuff



top | shorts | shades | necklace | earrings | clutch | bracelets | sandals


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