the knock-off: a fab top & a great read

the only thing i love better than the ultra “cool girl” style of french designer isabel marant is owning it without the hefty price tag. a.k.a., a knock-off.*  maybe this is why i have come to love zara way down deep in my heart.  zara gives me what i need, when i need it, and she never asks for much. . .

so, i have been seeing this fab étoile isabel marant top around for a month now . . .


and everytime i see it, i covet it but i can never justify the $340 on what i recognize as a very trendy piece.  marant’s broderie anglaise (what i am prone to calling eyelet) is a trend that is sure to evaporate by next summer.  but, this top is totally sick.  i think it would look slammin’ with both destroyed denim and anything white.

so, thank you zara for coming through with a very close second that seems to capture what i love about the top without the slightest guilt about the price.  feel me?

xo, cg

*see below.



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beach reading rec . . .

The Knock-Off: A Novel by Lucy Sykes Rellie and Joe Piazza.

don’t get me wrong . . . i love a good jonathan franzen novel, just like the next gal, but when it comes to beach reading, i need a stack of celeb trash mags like In Touch and Us, and, if the gods are showing favor on me, a lightweight but delightfully smart work of chic lit. like sex and the city or the nanny diaries or the bridget jones diaries, the really good chick lit doesn’t come around that often.

this summer reading season, we are in luck!  lucy sykes rellie, twin sister to plum sykes (bergdorf blondes), has written a novel (!) and it is set in the high fashion world of magazine publishing (!!) (are you smelling the devil wears prada?  me too!).  lucy and plum are former british “it girls” who took new york society by storm in the early ’00s with their high fashion jobs at marie claire and vogue, respectively, and their amazing good looks and sense of style. lucy was at marie claire forever and went on to start her eponymous children’s label, lucy sykes baby, with clothes for kids so cool it killed me (until j.crew started crewcuts and totally copied her ideas and look and kind of put an end to her dream (insert sad kitty cat emoji here)).  she had a stint at rent the runway before she took to the pen.  certainly, she is no stranger to the fashion world, socialites, ambition, heartache, back-stabbing, stilettos, galas, runways, birkins and knock-offs . . . i could go on, but better that you just buy the book!  (get it here).  can’t wait for my copy to arrive!!!

xoxo, cg



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