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greek quinoa salad

greek quinoa salad

to the memorial day invite. it’s the day the before a long holiday and as i’m typing this, i don’t have time to think about what to cook, plus my brain is fried. but last weekend when we had our neighbors over for hamburgers i made this side dish and it was a huge hit. it actually was even better the next day which makes it the perfect dish to make ahead.

what is its name? i call it greek quinoa salad but only because it has a lot of elements of a greek salad but another plus is lots of alternatives to add depending on your taste. oh did i mention it does not require any measuring of any of the ingredients.

so here goes…

cook one package of quinoa, drain well. add olives, feta cheese, grape tomatoes and green onions. you can add cucumbers or mixed peppers or use a different kind of pasta, it really doesn’t matter, the elements remain the same. for the dressing, mix 1 part dijon mustard and 2 parts olive olive as well as kosher salt to taste. mix it all together and you are out the door.



happy memorial day. let me end by encouraging you to read this usa today article about 29 year old cardinals baseball player mitch harris. officer harris graduated from the us naval academy in 2008. the cardinals had drafted him after his senior year but officer harris had made a commitment to his country and so served almost five years in the navy. in 2013 after completing his commitment the cardinals brought him in and he has worked his way up the farm and minor leagues and this year he was called to the majors. if this story doesn’t show that dreams are possible i’m not sure what will. thank you officer harris and all the men and women who serve our country.


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