beach beauty basics. . .

yo, wassup, memorial day!?!  packed the fam up yesterday and headed to the gulf coast for the holiday.  hallelujah!  it’s our first trip in almost a year.  because we live so close, we are usually back and forth to the coast every other month or so.  but this past year has been crazy and full of other adventures so the beach fell down the priority list. #whitegirlproblems

because our last trip to the coast was in august, my beach products were a bit scattered around my bathroom and summer handbags. but, by now, it only takes a minute to get a handle on the sitch.  i have winnowed my beach products down to just a few, tried and true.  i hooked you up, below.

here’s hoping, whether at the beach, at the pool, or simply living the good life chillin’ at the crib, that your holiday is totally rockin’.  i just want to soak up the sun and tell everyone to lighten up . . .





l’oréal sublime glow daily moisturizer for medium skin tones, $11

i like to keep the temptation to overexpose to a minimum by getting my beach on before leaving the bathroom.  i have tried every self-tanning bronzer from here to kalamazoo and i put my stamp of approval ONLY on this one.  it works and it is subtle.  my secret to all self-tanners is to cut it with a pea-size portion of coconut oil which helps it melt into the skin without streaking.  find a streak?  when you shower next, use a wet wash cloth to scrub the spot and the tanner will come right off.  boom!  problem solved.


aerin beach cream for hair and body, $45

could totally use a gallon of this stuff every summer.  salt water, wind, and sun make my hair so frizzy it is ridic!  aerin’s beach cream, which is activated by the sun, tames the ends and keeps my hair looking fly (and not fly away). i use a teeny-tiny dab every time i come out of the water and let my hair air dry for total beach wave perfection.  word.


eltaMD uv sport, spf 50, $20

let’s not play around when we are talking facial skin.  i have been using eltaMD sport in spf 50 for over a decade.  it laughs in the face of sweat and water and creates a force field around my face. . .  not really, but it is the very best i have found and i haven’t found anything milder to my sensitive skin or more powerful in the anti-ray action in over ten years.


aerin lip gloss in weekday, $30

okay.  yes.  it’s pricey, but . . . it really is high quality and the perfect color.  when you see it in the tube you are going to think that it is WAY too nude.  but trust me: it is not.  it looks totes amaze with the flushed-cheek, natural look that we all love to sport at the beach.  keep it in your pool/beach bag and it will last you forever.  promise.


sun bum lip balm, spf 30, in pink grapefruit, $4

this is some serious biz.  i have learned that with age, you really have to start protecting your lips from the sun.  this balm goes on under the gloss.  sun bum sun products are all natural and were formulated for people concerned about all the chemicals in sunscreens.  while all natural, their products work and you can feel and smell the quality.  i like pink grapefruit but it comes in 5 delightful other flavors.


beach, eau de parfum, bobbi brown, $72

i can’t put my finger on which sunscreen from my early childhood that this perfume smells like.  but it is definitely something.  QT???  when i inhale it, i am immediately carried back in time and i just can’t pull away.  it will remind you so strongly of the beach (although it is a refreshingly light fragrance) it will make you want to douse yourself in it every time you are headed toward the shore.


sun bum continuous sunscreen spray, spf 30, $16

sun bum spray sunscreen is my absolute favorite.  it smells great.  it works great.  it feels great.  it is all natural.  what more is there is the sunscreen world?  it is not a bargain.  true, that.  so. . . keep this one in your bag and use the target brand on the kids.


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