amazing shoes . . . more amazing price

pssssst!  you wanna get in on this?  omg . . . you are going to die!

so, i think we can all agree that when you put on a fine italian shoe that costs $1000, you can actually feel the quality, right?  it actually just feels better than a cheap shoe.  and, it’s not that i just HATE quality (obvi) but . . . it’s the price that’s the choke point (for me at least).

enter m. gemi.  it makes these amazing, hand-crafted shoes of the finest italian leather at a price point for my demographic (i.e., budget).  apparently, m. gemi “works with the most respected, family-owned specialty factories in Italy–and sells directly to you.” so, the prices are “surprisingly attainable” and the shoes are “perfetto.”  m. gemi is also so exceptionally concerned with fit that they have coded into their site a fit assistant that will help you land the right size for you the very first time.  and because they make only small runs or batches, they introduce new styles weekly — a great way to keep you coming back — just like my other favorite (zara).

there are so many wardrobe work horses in the collection that it is hard to choose where to start.  i’ve hooked you up with just a few, below.  one thing is for sure, m. gemi will be my starting point for shoes from now on . . .

xo, cg

p.s. i made martha’s greek quinoa salad on memorial day and it was FAB!!!  if you didn’t catch her post last friday, you can find it here.



the banda, $128


the mezzo, $198


the nuca, $198


the fiero, $278


the brava, $248


the brillare, $298


the cortile, $178 

tell us what you think!!!