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this week has been rainy which leads to humidity which leads to hair that just will not cooperate. it certainly is not an ideal climate for those of us with hair that waves/frizz and let’s face it we just don’t wake up with our hair silky smooth.  on those days when we just don’t have the time (or the strength) to deal with it the ponytail is the only answer.

i love ponytails that are high and ponytails that are low. i think either adds a touch of class when the temperature is 80 plus and humidity of at least 90%. while the emi-jay works just fine, i have more than i care to admit (most of them in the bottom of my purse)and sometimes we want to take it up a notch. i found these websites that have great hair accessories and at great prices.

go check out shopjessicabuurman and urban outfitters for hair accessories that range in price from 13.00 to 55.00.

Up up away

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