the basics . . . now’s the time | bonus: cfda red carpet best dressed

whew! just starting to recover from tax season and paying for the 7 millions summer camp fees. and so, now, it’s time to return focus to the thoughtful collection of basics for the wardrobe.  the best way to build a wardrobe is with quality. the best time to buy quality is right now . . . when the spring sales are in full swing and when 1/2 price is the name of the game. to obtain true success here, it is so important not to fall prey to trendy pieces at 1/2 price — that’s a budget and wardrobe killer. before you go shopping, assess your wardrobe . . .

ask yourself . . . do i have a good jean skirt?  do i have a good white cotton blouse for summer? how about my denim shirt – what is it looking like these days?  how does it fit?  do i have a great pair of bermuda shorts?  what are my go-to sandals looking like these days?  what does my best black blazer look like — and fit like these days?  is it nubby at the cuffs? is it too tight?  has it grown threadbare from too many trips to the dry cleaners? do i have a great pair of black pants?  do i have a great belt to wear with everything “summer” in my wardrobe?  what does my go-to white cotton tank look like?  are the pits stained? how about my bathing suit?  is it yellowed or stretched out? do I have a great looking winter coat?

once you have figured out what you have the greatest need of, you will be less tempted by trends and more focused on a real and identified goal. word.

good luck!!!


cfda red carpet best dressed . . . 

the cfda awards were last night and the red carpet did not disappoint.  below, my picks for best dressed . . .

photos courtesy of


natasha poly.  (killed it in kors.  my vote for bd, hands down).


jessica hart (lwd.  love).


jemima kirke


karlie kloss (that hair, though).


tory burch


vanessa hudgens


gigi hadid (smokin’).


jonelle monai


michelle moynahan (perfection).


diane kruger


 katie holmes



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