as i said on monday…

this is the week of beauty and i have another one for you today. i love a colored nail but lets be honest; who has the patience to sit there while your nails dry (too much to do) or the time to get a weekly manicure so i’m usually resigned to either no color or a pale pink that won’t show if it chips as soon as i leave the manicurist.

i’ve tried the gel and i admit, i’m a fan. the color lasts forever but everything i read says that the ultralight is not good for me. plus who has time to go back the second it starts to chip to have it properly removed. admit it, you get distracted and you start to pick at the polish yourself and the next thing you know you are left with fragile brittle nails.

so when the today show spotlighted this nail polish i was intrigued. sally hansen has been known for your years for their nail products and now they’ve come out with a miracle gel which requires no ultraviolet rays. sally hansen miracle gel is a two step process. first choose one of  the 47 colors and apply two coats. second, apply the special top coat and voila let the natural light do its thing. sally hansen says you can expect up two weeks of chip free polish. now i wouldn’t go that far. i’m on day seven and it still looks pretty good (not great) but good. i’m hard on my nails between work work, then kitchen duty and yard work my nails take a beating so i’m sure if i hadn’t been digging in the yard the color would have last two weeks but it certainly was nice not to have worry if my nails would even last through the weekend.




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    Love this polish! I have it in three different colors. I find that it last about 1.5 weeks, though it does seem to lose its shine faster than a gel mani. I got my second gel mani of all time last month and I have to admit, I’m a fan. I’ll likely switch between the two though just to be safe. 😉

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