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the good lord has burdened blessed me with ample T&A.  thighs and arms, that is.  so, i am always on the lookout for something to lengthen and narrow the t&a and avoid the round and full state, which is their natural state.  (what?).   it’s not surprising, then, that i am totally onboard with the wsj’s article friday trumpeting the “off both shoulders” look that is taking the summer by storm.  this is one look we have not seen since the ’70s.  (i DO remember stuffing my nightgown into my book satchel in first grade and changing into it in the bathroom before class.  worn as a top (obvi) with the elastic neck pulled down onto my shoulders and with yards of ruffled hem stuffed into my jeans, i, like charlie’s angel, farrah faucet, rocked an off both shoulders look back in ’77.  god bless mrs. martin for not ratting me out or being too clueless to notice my “off the shoulder” nightgown stuffed into my jeans.).

more importantly, the look really works in the summer for girls like me with t&a “issues.”  it’s kind of like getting to wear a sundress when it’s 95 degrees out without having to worry about my irksome arm fat.  yay!!!!  i’ll take two!!!  and, as the wsj pointed out, a woman’s shoulders never age, so the look works for all ages and is universally flattering.

the tibi off the shoulder short-sleeved top, below, is my fave for summer in the affordable luxury price range. rosie assoulin (who really started this trend) has some totally smokin’ options that are well beyond my aspirations.  but check out these from zara, mes demoiselles, mango, and nicholas.  beware!  everything is just about completely sold out!!!

for those of you who love your arms, like martha, check out her post, off the shoulder smolder, for some great one-shoulder options to show off your assets.

and don’t forget my resort recap below . . .


top | earrings | clutch | cuff | denim shorts | clogs


bonus: resort recap  . . . chloé and kors

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with so many collections throughout the year, it is getting a liiiittle confusing which season we are looking to and what we should wear when.  i mean, pre-fall was, like, yesterday, right?

rest easy.  i’ve got your hook up on resort fashions.  i will be bringing you my picks over the next week or so with bonus posts from the resort collections to keep you up to speed on what is heading our way (for fall???). . .

chloé . . .

claire waight keller is still feeling the seventies beat so if you have not yet gotten that vibe out of your system, you are in luck . . . you still got a few seasons left.   the collection is soft and flowy still.  and dead sexy.  word.


can i please have this coat??? and her ring?



and this one, too?


and this one?  who has too many coats, anyway?  not me.


quilted bomber and lace . . . i like it.


the perf lwd.  love.  glad to see my slide wedges are safe for a season or two more.

michael kors collection. . .

this collection screamed ’60s mod . . . or total ’70s sexy seduction.  either way, i loved it.  there are so many pieces here to love it is hard to choose just one.  i need them all!


i want this look so bad it hurts.


and this one.  really bad.  would i look hot in this, or just like a hot mess?  i’m afraid the reality of this might overwhelm me and maybe look marm-ish.  or maybe it would be totally hot.

michael-kors-resort-2015-stylebriefs michael-kors-resort-2015-stylebriefs michael-kors-resort-2015-stylebriefs michael-kors-resort-2015-stylebriefs

i think we all need this one.


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    OMG, I caused a disturbance at the office with my laughter explosion. The gown in the book bag! Haven’t thought about that in years. Hilarious!

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