it’s a war out there so i’m going to need a gladiator

the gladiator sandal is still hot. i admit it, i’m a little surprised. i thought since all we saw was giselle rocking the gladiator that it wouldn’t take off because lets face it…we all don’t have a body like hers but i’m having second thoughts and think i might be willing to give it a try.

i found this version at tiptop for 85 bucks. plus topshop offers free shipping and free returns. a huge plus when you are trying a trend that you are just not sure about. so what to pair it with. i’m not twenty, i’m in my forties so you won’t see me rocking the bootie shorts with the gladiator. i’m thinking a casual wrap around dress with a chunky bracelet or a statement necklace. trendy enough so i look appropriate and not i’m trying to look like an age that passed many moons ago.

it's a war out there

it’s a war out there

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