i wear my sunglasses at night


well not really but last saturday night before garth, caroline and i got together with our spouses for a little pre concert cocktail and she was wearing the coolest shades and when the younger set started chiming in with their compliments i knew that i needed to investigate.

the ray ban aviators have a long history and for those in our forties seeing tom cruise rock them in top gun in the volley ball scene was just the icing on the cake. see here. developed in 1936 by bausch & lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, ray ban now markets them in a ton of colors. your decision will be deciding which color to choose. i’ve given you a a few colors and some complimentary tops although to be honest i loved the contrast between caroline’s blue ray bans and her black top.


1. blue ray ban

blue vince top.

2. green ray ban

green halter top

3. pink ray ban

pink elizabeth and james top

4. purple ray ban

purple nightcap top





  1. rebekah says

    This is funny Turning 40 next week and just bought some “Mirror” aviators. Worried i was too old but you made it legit!! 🙂

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