what to buy from the jcrew sale . . .

jcrew loves to play peek-a-boo with it’s 30% off sale:  now we’re having it . . . now we aren’t . . . now we are . . .now we aren’t.  i think you get my drift. . .

they were running 30% off all full-priced items plus 40% off all sale items last week.  and, while that sale has “ended,” the reality of the situation is that jcrew is sitting on a heap of summer stock that needs to be out of sight by mid-july to make room for fall (that is WAY more important in cooler climes where they can legit expect a dip in temps come late august).  i am betting we’ll all get an email before the end of the week announcing with great surprise that the sale went so well that they have decided to run it again . . . or extend it.  we all know it’s coming.

and, hey!  we’re just getting started with our 98 degree days here in the deep south, so we have miles to go before we turn our noses up at summer fash.

what we need in this sitch is a cheat sheet so we can literally pounce the next time that 30% off email hits our inbox!  (i can’t even get started telling you how to play guts-ball poker with delay and sale percentages . . . we all know the % will increase as we journey towards mid-july . . . the question is:  will your item remain?  only you know your taste for risk).

below, i’ve hooked you up with my top 10 items from the “sale”. while you may be among the many who believe jcrew has skirted off the deep-end of fashion, there are still some way SOLID basics to be had and some quality trendy pieces that are best captured on sale. . . thus, the cheat sheet.  good luck!

happy monday!




regent blazer in navy linen, $178 (or $125 with 30% off)

in case you are thinking this could not be more boring, please check this out and then tell me i am wrong about how important it is to own a rock-star navy blazer.  and this one is a really good one that you can afford . . . the lines are sleek and the fabric is quality.  a never regret purchase.


italian matte bandeau zip one piece, $118 ($83 with 30% off)

now’s the time to grab an extra bathing suit, and grab a classic while you are at it.  this one is pretending that it’s by lisa marie fernandez with the zipper, and i totally feel it.


banago mayumi clutch, $48 ($34 with 30% off)

this clutch is liquid gold.  it will go with everything you have for summer and look like a million dollars.  a no brainer at this price.


seaside pant is aspen fern, $89.50 ($63 with 30% off)

if you were looking for the world’s most flattering pants, i found them.  here they are.  promise.  all of the sudden you look like you have these long lean legs.  and, military is always a solid choice.  you can wear these 3 seasons without hesitation.


raffia ankle-tie sandals, $128 ($90 with 30% off)

with the raffia and the ankle-tie, these sandals are way on point for summer.  toss your over-worn gray flatforms to the back of your closet and throw on these babies for the remainder of the summer and you are guaranteed to be 100% more stylish and comfortable.


cap-sleeved top in embroidered sunburst, $110 ($77 with 30% off)

my hands-down, #1 pick.  this top captures the perfect vibe for summer 2016.  it’s a nod to isabel marant, alexander wang, and everyone else who is grooving to a tribal beat this year.  plus, imagine how great this will look with your white jeans, your white shorts, your faded denim . . . your navy pencil skirt, your white pencil skirt??  you can take it from church to school to the beach and back again.  feel me?


illesteva leonard ii tortoiseshell sunglasses, $220 ($154 with 30% off)

because when do nice sunglasses EVER go on sale?  never, that’s when.  so, if you were thinking you needed new sunnies, check out jcrew’s collection the next time the sale hits.  you can score a great get on some fab collaborations.


drapey chambray romper, $128 ($90 with 30% off)

flattering and super chic, perfect for everything summer, you really don’t want to let this one get away . . . imagine how easy it will be to get ready with this baby hanging in your closet.


halter beach dress in it, $128 ($90 with 30% off)

if you want to look like you have been chillin’ off the coast of ibiza this summer, now the time to up your cover-up game.  word.


eva fehren for crew saber earring studs (set of three), $58 ($41 with 30% off)

because studs are where it is at these days — like your fingernails, your earrings need to be short and tight. and these are fierce and i am a fool for rose gold.  and i love how these come in a set of three and are a mismatched set.


tell us what you think!!!