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alexander wang’s new capsule collection reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorites shows – the time lucy, ricky, fred, and ethel head to paris and lucy goes on a hunger strike to force ricky to buy her a “jacques marçelle” original.  ricky and fred get tricky and have a local tailor to sew jacques marcelle labels into dresses out of burlap potato sacks.  lucy and ethel have total swagger in their new frocks until they learn the joke is on them and, then, of course, they are humiliated.  but then it turns out the joke is on jacques marçelle who, on seeing lucy and ethel on the streets of paris, designs a capsule collection all in burlap and exactly like the pieces lucy and ethel were wearing (but have now burned!  waaaaaa!!!).

i feel about wang’s capsule collection as lucy did on un-boxing her faux marcelle, “my, what an inspired use of burlap!!”  these pieces really are super chic.  this soft, cotton take on burlap is light and breezy perfect for the dense heat of summer.  and the boxy lines are precisely on fleek.  throw the jacket on over a slinky tank and shorts or over your shoulders when you are wearing a strappy sundress.  the dress is perfection on its own and the top is guaranteed to make a rock star out of literally any jeans, shorts, or skirt you own.  word.

but, this collection is only available on-line here or in alexander wang stores.

happy hump day!


top | dress | jacket




lucy and ethel in their jacques marçelle faux-riginals . . . the ice bucket and feed bag hats are a tad much — but the dresses themselves are old hollywood glamour — even if out of burlap!!


simple summer sandal . . .

i am a fool for all things kendall conrad so it is no surprise that i am over the moon for her martingala sandals (get them here).  i can’t imagine what these will not be perfect with . . . can’t wait for mine to arrive!



book review:  my paris dream, an education in style, slang, and seduction in the great city on the seine by kate betts

you need not have lived in paris, wanted to live in paris, or felt the call of fashion journalism to delight in this book.  while paris and fashion make for a rich and intoxicating backdrop and surely add sophistication, for me the story was one of my own here in alabama. . . it’s the story of coming-of-age and seeking approval through over-acheiving in your career, barreling towards a lofty goal that you kind of fell into and then began to own and then, before you knew it, the career kind of owned you and when you stopped and looked at it you asked yourself why you were holding on to this dream that really is not who are or, really, who you want to be.  (omg — has there ever been a longer run-on sentence???).  but i think you get my drift.

i think there are a million women out there who found their way out of their “dream” to find true happiness in the many things once shunned as boring, unimportant, insignificant.  maybe it’s just called growing up. . .  but, i am not sure that i have stopped to take stock of how much i have learned and matured since i got out of school. and this book made me do that — and it kind of made me proud of what i have learned so far.

in any event, the book moves quickly and it was, for me, a wonderful trip down memory lane of fashion and music and world events that were the eighties and early nineties.  light, and smart – a perfect beach read.  get it here.

shout out to my beautiful sister in new orleans for gifting this to me!  what a treat!





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