working up a sweat

i thought one of the perks of turning 40 was that i wouldn’t have to worry about acne. well that really is the case with the exception of an occasional pimple.  however with this heat i occasionally develop “backne”  which who wants to see when you you are wanting to wear a strappy top or one of the off the shoulder tops that caroline showed us here. or me here.

i know to “cure” this dilemma i need to stay out of the heat and when i do sweat i need to take a shower to wash away the dirt and grime. but seriously? that’s not feasible. so i talked to my dermatologist to get suggestions. she recommended that whenever i start to sweat to make sure i immediately wipe away the sweat (no shower necessary) and for extra good measure to use these glycolic/salicylic pads. these medicated pads are used to clean and clear acne prone skin. just simply keep a few of  these pads in a small ziplock bag in your purse and whenever you feel sweaty grab a pad and swipe on your skin.

here is a drugstore option that i’ve been trying out as well. neutrogena body spray a spray that you simply spray over those affected areas with no rinsing required. because let’s face it while me may have outgrown those major pimples with this heat we are going to develop “backne”, “buttne”, and “chestne”.





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