july fourth…pool days

so this week we are gearing up for fourth of july and whether you are going to be at the beach or the mountains or just staying at home we have you covered.

pool days

pool days

1. jcrew bathing suit

2. jcrew cover up

3. tory burch flip flops

4. mara hoffman bag

so now that you’ve been invited to the pool what do you bring? how about picking up one of those fabulous watermelons you see everywhere right now and make a cool refreshing salad.

watermelon feta salad

watermelon feta salad

there is nothing better to me than a juicy watermelon in the summer. i love the idea of combining watermelon with feta, having sweet and savory. this is a great recipe for all summer long but it is also an easy one to carry to your fourth of july party. i found the recipe here. plus with only a few ingredients it is a no brainer.



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