ladies of luxembourg gardens | #fdf: tory’s hip pad in paris

after being at the playground at luxembourg gardens in paris for less than 30 minutes, my son declared, unsolicited, that “paris is better than disney world!!!!”  booyah!!  oh, yea!  oh, yea!!  score two points for outdoor activities and non-tech entertainment!!!  too bad we had to travel half a world away to get there.

but, luxembourg gardens were better than disney world for me, too. because, honestly, my first thought is not to throw on my new chloé frock to take the kids to play on a tuesday afternoon.  i think i was maybe more blown away by the ladies of luxembourg than any other venue in paris.  ooh-la-la! la-la! la-la!!   so very stylish. . . i hooked you up with a few photos below so you can feel their beat.



when i saw this gal, i said to myself, “i really need to up my game.”  i think you can see why . . .


because it’s always good to look as chic as you can whilst scootering.  and, scooters are a thing for grown up women in paris.  no joke. . .


and if you are going to hang out on a blanket in luxembourg gardens on a tuesday afternoon with no obvious plan for a picnic or other entertainment, you should definitely bust out your most stylish black blouse . .  .


but, with a backdrop like this, i am beginning to see where they are coming from . . .


another LND.  i think you can see it’s a thing . . .


and if you are taking the grandkids to the park, there’s no excuse to skimp on your style quotient.  and, hey!  when else are you going to wear that chloé sundress and valentino rockstud sandals?  because you know your bestie will bring her A-game, with a chic sundress, hat, and sunnies. . .


and, it’s okay to be completely bored off your rocker at the park, so long as you have a firm grasp of your goyard saint louis  (again, the LND) . . .


and, just because your child is two and you have a ways to go to make it to the park, that is really no excuse to go casual (another LND) . . .


did i mention that there is a major goyard scene at luxembourg gardens?  yellow.  wow.  would never have been my choice but, i mean, wow.  don’t you just love it???


and, also, a major panama hat scene . . .


and, you never know when you might stumble upon an operatic/symphonic performance at luxembourg gardens.  and while my family was blown away, this was a tough crowd.  when the performance was over, the crowd gave a tepid “meh” reception of very light claps, as if to say, “we’ve all seen better.”

fab design friday . . .

my first love, before fashion, is design.  and today, i couldn’t wait to post the amazing photos of the gorgeous work done by daniel romualdez for tory burch‘s new paris flagship on rue saint honoré.  (check her blog post on it here).  his work here was to channel madeleine castaing (find a fab book on her design here), the mother of modern interior design and mentor to design-great jacques grange (find a collection of his work here).  i am so captivated with the fresh and modern take on casting perennials like leopard print carpeting, overwhelming florals, and, of course, a beautiful play of blues.  i really just want to move in here. . .


i really love his symphony of natural fibers, french oak, peter dunham’s samarkandcarolina irving’s amazon and patmos stripe linens as well as peter fasano’s chamba, some of my very favorites and all of which i have used for myself or for my clients . . . but never all together. breathtaking.




in the end, very tory but better, somehow . . .

speaking of paris, check out tory’s city guide to paris here.  she’s got the inside scoop!

à bientôt!

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