today: read the first chapter of harper lee’s go set a watchman

scout finch as a sexually liberated woman in her twenties traveling from new york to alabama in the ’50s???  crazy but totally imaginable to my alabama mind.  the first chapter of harper lee’s first attempt at a novel, go set a watchman, is available today at the wall street journal (find it here) (you can even listen to reese witherspoon read the first chapter, if you prefer).  according to the wsj, lee submitted the work to her editor in 1957 who found the work uninspired and suggested, instead, that lee focus on the flashback scenes of scout as a young girl (and, thus, the birth of to kill a mockingbird).  harpercollins says it has published the book as harper lee wanted, as is and with only a “light copy edit.”

wow.  chills.  the book is out tuesday.  pre-order here.



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