what else can you do when it’s this hot

it is hotter than you know what and there is nothing good on tv so it is time to find a good sofa, prop your feet up and pick up one of these books. here is your summer reading list….

in the unlikely event by judy blume

if you are in your forties then you remember judy blume  starting with freckle juice to are you there God, it’s me margaret but her most recent book is nothing like we’ve read. the year is 1952 and airline travel is new. the town of elizabeth, new jersey experiences unspeakable tragedy all the while we see the protagonist, miri ammerman, grow into a young woman.

it is a fast read but one word of caution is to slow down because there are a lot of characters and i found myself flipping back so i could remind myself of who is who.

we were liars by e. lockhart

this is a book that after you turn the last page you will go o.m.g.. the entire time you are reading this book i’m thinking it is tragic story of rich kids who all get together each summer whose friendship leads to destruction but keep reading, i promise you won’t regret it. cadence sinclair will touch your heart but i would love to know if you like her when you finish the book. this is a book that you will be thinking about for a long time.

how to start a fire by lisa lutz

three college friends all completely different. anna, the de facto leader, is running fast to outpace her demons, kate, the one you love to be with but who will inevitably let you down and georgianna the prettiest one but who has terrible taste in men. we see these three women grow into their lives after college and how the decisions they make now follow them twenty years later. it has everything you want in a page turner…secrets, lies and one night that will change them forever

things you won’t say by sarah pekkanen

i love a page turner and this one fits the bill. jamie anderson’s husband is a police officer and one day she gets the call every spouse of an officer fears; there’s been a shooting. it is not her husband who has been shot but his long time partner but nonetheless he is a casualty. this is her story about how far one woman will go to save her family and find out what really happened that  fateful day.

the professor by robert bailey

i have a couple of friends who share my love of reading and my life long friend who lives in chicago shared this one. she knew i would love a legal thriller and you throw in the university of alabama and you have one heck of a  combination. thomas mcmurtie played for the legendary bear bryant and he gave a up a career as a trial lawyer at the request of coach bryant to teach at the university. forced into retirement by a board member he thought was his friend he refers a case involving a close friend and an 18 wheeler to one of his former students. but as the case starts to come apart mcmurtie has to step back in.

this book reminds me of john grisham and one that would be a great read on the beach. as a plus for those of us who attended the university you will recognize several different landmarks.

all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr

so my other friend who is a voracious reader suggested this book. she and i have been friends since the first day of law school and she hasn’t steered me wrong in the over twenty years i’ve known her. this pulitzer prize winning book is different from the other books i’ve suggested but is beautifully written. six year old marie-laure has gone blind so her father has built a miniature of their neighborhood so she can remember it by touch in case anything happens. werner, a german orphan, loves gadgets. the two meet late in the book but the build up and what happens at the end will keep you turning

finally don’t forget the long awaited go set a watchman by harper lee comes out tomorrow. read the first chapter here.



happy reading!





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