5 reasons you should be shopping COS

if you are not shopping COS you are missing out.  cos. that’s right.  the europe-based label owned by h&m.  i could not be crazier for this brand.

so, i reported on the opening of the first cos store here a year ago because vogue was so excited about it.

and then, i studied the website and said to myself, “you HAVE to be kidding me.”   it’s like the art director is daring you, just daring you, to actually like the clothes or as if they ask themselves, “how can we make these clothes people look totally ridic.”  (and, that’s coming from a gal who LOVES an editorial look.)

but, when i was in paris a couple of weeks ago there was a cos store down the street nestled between céline, stella mccartney and prada and i remembered everything i had read about how fashion insiders would stop in when in paris or london to fill their coffers and how even a trained eye could mistake cos for céline, stella mccartney, or the row.  and, so, i decided to investigate for myself. . .

and i was blown away.  one touch of the fabric. . .  one glance at the pieces (and prices) in person. . .  and i was hooked.  but then, i took ten different pieces to the dressing room.   many a flash pan can cover hanger appeal.  the true test is the dressing room, right?

and everything, and i mean EVERYTHING was flattering and I wanted every single thing I brought in there.  and i wanted to go get more things because they all made me feel like i looked good.  rare, because i am a way tough nut when it comes to shopping.   so, i had to prioritize and ended up with four pieces: three dresses and a top.  and my only regret is that i could not buy every single thing.

back in 2013, when cos did a pop up shop at opening ceremony, vogue editors gave us 5 reasons to love cos (read the full article here).  i could not agree more on all five counts:

1. It’s affordable, but not disposable.
Though COS falls at a low price point, at its core are basics that are mostly seasonless. “I find the quality to be better than H&M and Zara and less trendy, which means you can rely on them for years to come,” Vogue’s Photo Research Editor Maureen Songco says.

2. The collection is for grown-ups.
“It’s turned more into a regular go-to [for me] since turning 30 and outgrowing Topshop and H&M’s younger pieces,” says Vogue Fashion Writer Esther Adams. It’s true: At COS, you don’t have to keep your eyes peeled for a chic coat nestled in among kitty cat tees or other teenage looks. “I love the modern, graphic, off-kilter silhouettes for women (cocoon jackets and harem pants in simple, classic prints or block colors) and the bomber jackets and oversize printed sweaters in the men’s department.”

3. It’s current without being trendy.
There’s always some detail that makes the minimal pieces at COS look fresh, but nothing in the collection is an exact reference (or knockoff) of pieces on the runway. “It’s kind of label-less in that way and perfect for a half-hearted minimalist,” Adams says.

4. The details draw you in.
“I’m a sucker for clean Scandinavian design,” says VogueFashion Writer Chioma Nnadi. “I swear by their underwear; they’re much more pared back than the bras I tend to find in the U.S.—no padding at all, and they manage to make luxe silky bralettes that are not at all sickly sweet.”

5. Two words: guaranteed compliments.
Says Vogue’s Fashion Associate Stella Greenspan: “For real, every time I wear something from them, I get complimented. It’s like clockwork—I probably jinxed it now by saying that out loud.” And when Hanneli Mustaparta came into the office wearing a COS sweater? She barely made it down the hall without being stopped and asked about its origins.

below, I hooked you up with a couple of fab choices. and, if you are still not convinced, check out this article from who what wear from last week heralding cos as the new zara.  and, you’re welcome.




honestly, you would be, like, a complete rock star anywhere you would wear this dress ($67 on sale).  and, am i wrong but is this not 100% stella???  word.


delightfully polished.  especially for $125.  get it here.


either of these pieces (jacket $ 112 on sale) (skirt $67 on sale) separately are amazing basics that work for every wardrobe.  together, a fab editorial.


this dress ($87 on sale) is phenomenal in real life.  of course, you’re going to need to appropriate “foundational garment” for this one.  but once, that’s in place, wow.  just wow.


check out sincerely jules in her fab cos, goyard, and isabel marant ensemble.  and if you aren’t following (here), don’t you think now is the time?

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