two for the price of one

this weekend is sloss fest; some of the coolest bands will be coming to the historic sloss furnaces. sloss furnace was built in 1871 when l & n railroad invested more than 30 million dollars in furnaces, mines and other alabama operations. the site closed in 1970 but in recent years it has hosted a variety of bands. it is a neat venue to be surrounded by history but let’s not kid ourselves it is going to be hot. many of the artists performing at sloss fest – notably the avett brothers, sturgill simpson and st. paul & the broken bones – offer a timeless sound, so we need to find some timeless and functional clothing items to match.

so what to wear? here is where two for the price of one comes into play. i thought it would be cool to show what the women and the men should think about wearing so i enlisted my better half and the true music lover to help me out on the guy’s perspective.

alright so we want to be comfortable because it is going to be a long day; look good because you never know who you are going to run into and finally dress so at least they won’t see you sweat.

festival wear

festival wear


this is brent, martha’s husband and the music fanatic and the most hot-natured person you’ll ever meet. sloss fest will have an incredible lineup but, unfortunately, incredible heat to match. my goal in attending these events is to come across not looking like a hot mess. you can find the items clockwise here, here, here, here, here and here

it’s martha again. i love the idea of a jumper for an event where i’m going to be outside; less muss and less fuss. of course what’s any outfit without accessories. so for the ladies go check out (from clockwise again) here, here, here, here, here and here.

festival wear

festival wear



if you’re in town come check out the first annual sloss fest. bands from the alabama shakes to zella day.

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