smooth infusion with a kick

aveda-smooth-infusion-2 stylebriefs smooth infusion with a kicky’all remember when i talked about this aveda product here. well i truly didn’t think any product could get any better but i was wrong. aveda has come out with a new smoothing product, aveda smooth infusion styling creme,  that conditions and helps straighten your hair and oh by the way did i mention that it cuts your drying time. i mean what?!

so friday i was getting a long overdue touch up when my stylist started using this aveda product. the bottle looked like what he had recommended before but slightly different so i asked him about it. he proceeded to tell me about what i now refer to as a miracle product. now we all leave the beauty salon with hair that looks like a million bucks but the true test is when we are left to our own devices. i’m here to tell you that this magical potion works. a couple of hints. a little goes a long way. i have shoulder length hair and only need the size of a pearl. i simply squirt into my hands and run it through my hair so it is evenly distributed. the other pointer is it is heat activated. you need to dry your hair for the product to work but i promise not for long.

frizz will be a thing of the past and that my friends is a smooth infusion.



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