Did you know that “snatched” is the new “it” word?  I know.  Me either.   And, it’s not “snatch” as in “to take away abruptly” as in “Lou, don’t snatch your brother’s iPad!” It’s “snatched” as in amazing or awesome, as in “that Chloé bag in your giveaway is totally snatched!!!”

So, want to know what is totally #snatched for Fall (besides our giveaway)???  Long, narrow, tie-style scarves. Think I am kidding?  I have been trying to do a post on this for weeks.  Weeks.  And, do you want to know why I couldn’t post???  The ties keep selling out almost immediately so I can’t give you a link.  (Find a link here).  No lie.  By Fall, you will not be able to find a single one of these long skinny ties lying around any stores and, yet, you will be dying for one.  Promise.

Back it up. . .  What’s the deal?  Okay, so Claire Waight Keller of Chloé literally Shut. It. Down. this past Fall when she sent a totally rockin’ collection down the runway for Fall/Winter 2015 with a WAY ’70s vibe.  And most of the totally snatched looks included the long, narrow neck tie.  The look was so sick it showed up in a ton of Resort collections.

Now, the sell out could also be the price point.  At $195 for a classic piece of Chloé (get it here), there are a lot of players in the game because its entry level into the world of Chloé.  (As in, “Wow, I can’t believe I can afford a Chloé scarf!!  Who cares if I think I will ACTUALLY wear it!!).  But for gals like me, $195 may be a tad steep for an accessory that I may or may not bust out on a regular basis.  (I mean, but, who knows???  This could totally be my look for Fall.).

Are you thinking what I am thinking?????  Wonder if our bestie, Zara, can hook us up??  We are in luck because just last night (no s%$t!!), Zara uploaded a fab knock off into their “New This Week” scroll!!!  And, at just $9.90, this baby is a no brainer.  (Get it here).

Below, I pulled some street style pics and some detailed shots from the Chloé Fall 2015 runway to help you feel the beat.

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photos courtesy of style.com and wmag.com




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