Want to know the Sunday Punch TKO for Fall?  Wait for it. . . .  OTKs.  That’s right.  Over-the-knee boots.

Back it up.  WTF?  How is the normal girl supposed to bust out some OTKs for just the average day?  Simple. These babies are perfection with every dress or skirt you own for Fall that is just above the knee or with your skinny jeans and a fab coat.

And, so how/why are they a TKO?  So, what happens is that when you wear them with all your fall/winter dresses that hit just above the top of the boots, the OTKs really become this magic shoe/boot/legging thing that creates a lean line straight from the ankle to the hem-line.  And, voila:  legs for days.  Plus, they are comfortable and keep you warm in the winter.  Think November football game.  Think New Year’s Eve.  Think cold night, cool dress, rockin’ boots.  Boom!

These boots came around a couple of years ago and they are back with vengeance this year.  Probably because everybody missed them so badly because they were comfortable and flattering.

Is there a trick I should know about?  Yes!!!  Glad you asked.  Your top/dress/skirt needs to hit really close to top of the OTKs.  Or, if you are wearing them with skinny jeans, this is the time to bust out the jeggings. You WAY don’t need all that extra fabric around your ankles here.

So, do I think OTKs are the worth the investment?  Will they make it into a five year arc?  Honestly, I feel really good about this.  And, while I do not have a crystal ball and have been wrong before, I really feel like winter pieces that are (a) warm/practical, (2) flattering, and (3) stylish have a tendency to stick around.  So, yes.  I think OTKs are worth the investment.  With one caveat:  if you get a sense of “difficult to pull up onto the thighs” or even the faintest whiff of the stench of muffin top, you have to abort this mission.  In those cases — where our greatest assets lie in many places other than the length and lithliness of our legs — then, this is one of those cases where we just say “not for me” and move on without giving it another thought.

Below, I have hooked you up with a variety of options.  There really are some fab ones for Fall.  For my money, Stuart Weitzman is the best bet here.  He’s captured the essence of the other fab designers boots at a more affordable price point.  I’ve thrown in some of the best OTKs in the high dollar category and some full body and street style picts so that you can feel the beat.





















  1. says

    LOVE OTK boots. i have a few pair from 8 years ago and still wear them constantly. the photo above of the chocolate brown ones (i think they must be Chloe) — they don’t link to a purchase screen – only Net’s home page. do you have the exact style #? (coveting has started thanks to you!)

    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Catherine!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! I fix the link!! It should work now!!! Thanks for following and for your comments!!

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