it’s a real clunker

caroline told us about the over the knee boot, which i absolutely love. it is a versatile piece that can be worn a ton of different ways. but the other boot that has been getting a lot of play time in my in box is the the boot with the chunky heel. it seems everywhere i turn that is what i’m seeing. i get it the chunky heel is practical. i don’t have to worry as much about falling over as i do when i wear my stilettos. i’ve usually would have paired my chunky heel with a skinny jean but i think a more innovative idea is to pair your chunky ankle boot with a flirty dress or skirt that is slightly above the knee. don’t try this look with a bootcut jean or a skirt below the knee because then you are just defeating the purpose of this boot to make you look longer and leaner.

chunky heel with a flirty skirt and dress

chunky heel with a flirty skirt and dress

booties.002 booties.003 booties.004

find the chunky heel here, here, here and here

ps caroline is right. for the money stuart weitzman is the best buy. they last forever. i literally after boot season has ended take mine that i’ve had for at least seven years to my shoe guy who cleans them and puts a new heel tip on and i’m ready to go.





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