Beauty Bits: Wonder Glow

Ever pad to the bathroom sink first thing in the morning, take a peak at your skin in the mirror, and say, “Ugh!  This is going to be a tough one!”  I know.  Me too.

And, whether I had to be up with a child in the middle of the night or didn’t sleep well because I had a second glass of wine (a sure sign aging, in my book), or, really, any day that I am not on a kale-rich cleanse, I used to always wish I had a little beauty flash to lend a helping hand with the skin-tone.  To be sure, I have a couple dozen face and anti-aging elixirs, salves, and pommades that help turn back the hands of time.  That’s not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about a helping hand to enhance the look and appearance of the skin — to make me look like I just finished a Clean Cleanse even though I slipped and had gluten and sugar and alcohol the day before. Something to make my skin glow (subtly) in a way that doesn’t reveal itself to the naked eye.  I am not a fan of glitter or sparkles or any foundation that is noticeable.

I have been preaching the virtues of Charlotte Tilbury since before her product hit the market last September (see my posts here, here, and here and see where Buffy over at recently took my advice on the best mascara going here).  And as the days and months and, now, year (almost to the day) have passed, my love for Charlotte’s products has only grown — in depth and width.  I am a dedicated follower.

And, whether I am doing my Texas best to put on my full face and hair or whether I am keeping it real (as I have for most of the summer) with an extremely light beach look, the VERY first thing I grab after I have thoroughly moisurized and anti-aged my skin, is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow (Buy it here).  She calls the product an “instant soft focus beauty flash” and I think she just about put her finger on it — it brightens and softens the edges and the depths and the sallows in a flash.  And, it is as light as a feather.  Trust me on this one, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!  You will literally glow, but in an imperceptible way.

Below, I have hooked you up with a photo that will give you an idea of what we are talking about and Charlotte’s How-To Video on application.  (Click the photos for direct links to the product + free 3-day shipping).  But don’t stop here — loop through all the Beauty Bits today and get some hot tips from some gorgeous girls that know a thing or two about beauty.  Find Amy’s Brazialian Bum Bum Cream here, Heather’s Babe-lash here and Buffy’s Tarte Brizilliance here.

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