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News Flash:  Suede is totally hot for Fall.  So hot, it appears most on-line retailers have added a “Leather” category in their pull down menus and most of those pieces, outside of a stray moto jacket, are various and sundry richly hued suede options for Fall.  The runways led the way on this (particularly Gucci and Burberry) and all the high street retailers have followed suit, wagering that you are going to be way into suede come Fall. The variety and the coolness factor of the pieces available so far is amazeballs.  That means there has never been a better time to dip your toe in.

And here’s another news flash:  I’ve already pulled the trigger on a couple of items.  I know. It’s early yet.  But, here is my rule of thumb:  when the September Issues hit the stands, it is time to go balls-to-the-wall Fall. There is no – listen to me: NO looking back toward summer in your shopping from this point on.

Also, I have a rule that when I see either a major basic OR a seasonal statement piece that is sure to be snatched up quickly, I go ahead and pull the trigger.  I have learned from experience that I don’t want to be sitting around a month from now wishing I had jumped in. Because I do most of my shopping on-line these days, I grab fab pieces when they first become available to try them out.

That approach is made possible by the fact that I have learned to not be afraid of a returns process if the item is a complete flop in person.  It really is okay to send it back if, on arrival, the quality is poor or it is unflattering or does not fit.

And, go ahead and learn to be honest with yourself about whether or not it fits.  If you find yourself saying something like “a bit snug now, but I am totally going to cut down on bread and sugar and with those five pounds gone this will fit perfectly” (which I used to do ALL the time), you have to let it go.  If it does not fit on the day of arrival, send it back!!!  You can thank me later.  I have given away a ridiculous amount of brand new clothing in my lifetime purchased under the same delusion.  It’s bad feng shui and it’s a loss of funds that could be put toward pieces that are flattering and useful.  And, it’s bad for your psyche – having that piece hanging in your closet is a reminder that you haven’t lost that 5 pounds.  And, you don’t need any haters in your closet.  Word.

To help you feel the suede vibe for Fall, I have hooked you up with two fab mood boards with direct links to products featured.  Or, just shop the look in the Stylebriefs shop (find it here or in the right-hand margin).

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I jumped on this green suede mini from Zara the minute I saw it.  The price point is perfect and it was giving off a strong vibe of the now iconic Gucci look from Spring 2015 (which was really way more Fall if you ask me).  A deep V is always flattering and elongates the neck.  Here is how I intend to style it come fall. . .

Fab green suede dress from Zara and the Spring 2015 runway inspires a fab look for fall.

Dress | Scarf | Jeans | Bag | Boots

Mango has a sick AF suede fringe cape that totally nails the Burberry Fall 2015 runway looks.  Here is how I intend to wear it.  With such great price points for the dress and cape, I have little room to splurge on fab booties that will be perfect with everything for Fall . . .

Mango's tan suede fringe cape inspired by Burberry Fall 2015 runway inspires a fab look for Fall.

Cape | Dress | Boots


  1. kimpcole says

    Great find on that Zara suede mini – it is begging to be paired with jeans (just like the Gucci runway)! And that gorgeous emerald green color…!!

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

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