yes…i’ll take mustard on that

so caroline told us about the color marsala but do you know that mustard is getting a lot of play time? i prefer to think of it as “gold” and because i tend to wear a lot of “black and gold” see bio here ( i love my commodores whose colors happen to be black and gold) i feel set in this department. but i also started thinking what other color combinations could i come up with to go with my gold/mustard pieces.  think about your skin coloring. also be aware of your skin tone. those with cool skin tones should wear gold/mustard close to your face. if you have a warmer skin tone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the mustard/gold just wear it on the bottom and a “cooler” color close to your face such as a teal.

you know how when you were a kid and you loved trying all the crayons in the big box then that is what we are doing, just trying the different colors in the box to see what works best for you.

mustard.001 mustard.002 mustard.003 mustard.004 mustard.005



i’ve hooked you up below as well as shop the latest!

mood board no. 1

kobi halperin sleveeless draped blouse

rebecca minkoff feather palm ring

b-low the belt handbag

mood board no. 2

vince silk band short sleeve shirt

b-low the belt ana wrap belt

stuart weitzman “queen” heel

mood board no. 3

jcrew cashmere sweater

rebecca minkoff clutch

vince leather skirt

schutz cage sandals

mood board no. 4

theory blazer

haute hippie dress

rebecca minkoff lariat

kate spade heels

mood board no. 5

rebecca minkoff drop earrings

jcrew cashmere sweater

jcrew pleated crepe trouser

Let me wade into a little controversy for a minute. Recently the Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama has come under fire for a recruitment video they produced during rush week and I have been troubled by that criticism. I was a member of a sorority at Vanderbilt and I thank God everyday for bringing those women into my life twenty five years ago. I am lucky to have some of my sorority sisters right here near me who I get to see on a regular basis and without their love and encouragement I don’t know what I would do. Now saying all that, sororities are not for everyone. But from what I can tell these women in the video weren’t doing anything wrong, they were showing potential members what belonging to their organization might be like. What really bothers me is the media and others trying to put down these women when we should be building each other up. Hopefully this “controversy” will pass soon.

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