Totally Extra Capes

It turns out that “extra” is another hip new word that all the kids are saying these days.  The Popsugar article I read last week (forwarded to me by one of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa Culpepper of explains it means something over the top as in “your tiara is so extra.”  Right.  Got it.  I can see how a tiara is totally extra.

Want to know what else is totally extra for Fall?  Capes.  That’s right.  Capes.  They are so huge that you are really going to have to get in on this.  Earlier this week I was running around pulling some things for a column I am working on for a local magazine (watch for more news on that) and I stumbled across an amazing leather trimmed cape in 100% cashmere and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  And I knew that one day this cape would be mine.  I am not sure exactly how I am going to make it happen because the “cape” line item in my budget got defunded years ago.  I guess I’ll have to start (wait for it . . .) a cape crusade.  Yass!

So, I pulled together some totally extra cape options for you and threw in a couple of runway pics to help you feel it.  You can click the links, the pictures, or find many of them in the Stylebriefs Shop.

Don’t be afraid to give one a try.  They look great for Fall especially with a fab pair of dark denim and riding boots à la Chloé, they are comfortable and so figure forgiving.  Here’s another important piece of info:  they are WAY easier than a traditional wool coat (and certainly a buttoned coat) when getting in and out of the car, driving and buckling.  Just saying.

And, remember that time Martha and I were giving away a Chloé bag? It’s now. Enter for a chance to win below!  Or enter below to receive a link to refer a friend and receive up to 10 more chances to win!

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Sophia Cashmere Leather-trimmed Navy/Black Reversible Cape.  This the one that stopped me in my tracks.



Club Monaco Clark Cashmere Cape.  A sweet, affordable option (espech for cashmere).


Mango Wool-blend Cape.  An even more affordable option and one that feels more of the Valentino/Saint Laurent vibe than The Row and Hermés.


Valentino Fall 2015 Runway


Saint Laurent Fall 2015 Runway


Chloé Fall 2015 Runway


Valentino F/W 2015 Collection Cape


The Row Pre-Fall 2015 Collection Oversized Respo Cape

Saint Laurent Short Cape



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