Feel Like a Natural Woman?

I get that Carole King’s life was way sucky before she met the person she sings about in (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman. That much is pretty clear.  It’s also clear from the song that “feeling like a natural woman” is totally awesome.  What I am not sure I have ever really known is exactly what it means to “feel like a natural woman.”  What is that?

And then, I saw Natasha Poly in the Michael Kors Fall 2015 ad campaign.  And, I said to myself, “#currentmood – natural woman.”  That is, I feel like getting my natural thing on with my nails. Because one thing is clear:  these nails Shut. It. Down.

I have been in a nail color funk all summer long.  Whilst totally awesome for last Fall and Winter, the vibe of Indigo Frock and Visions of Love, colors I recommended last year, is just all wrong for summer and hot weather.  Also, it may just be that dark just doesn’t feel fresh anymore (?).

And I know that last summer I was all white nails (read my post here).  But, there are too many 16 year olds running around with white nails these days.

And, anything in the pink or pastel family just feels like what my grandmom wears.

So, what?  What??  I have struggled (STRUGGLED) with this all summer long as I bounced around and nothing, I mean nothing, felt right.

And, then there was this Michael Kors ad campaign.  And, I knew.  There.  That’s where nails are right now. The Natural Woman Look.  For fingers and toes.  And, am I wrong but does it totally work with her natural hair and fresh-faced make-up but totally sick clothes???

Also, Dan, my super chic manicurist, who stays on top of everything hot, agreed that natural is the next big movement in nails.  Word.

The color I am loving is Sandy Beach by Essie.  But stay away from Mademoiselle and all those pastel pinks unless you want to roll in the manner of those 20 years older than you.  And, keep the nails short and tidy.  And, maybe, if you are lucky, and you get your mani/pedi (gel if you prefer) perfected, you can experience what it feels like to be a natural woman.  I am sure Carole King would be proud.

Happy Monday!


Michael Kors fall 2015 campaign featuring Natasha Poly.

Michael Kors fall 2015 campaign featuring Natasha Poly.

Michael Kors fall 2015 campaign featuring Natasha Poly.

Michael Kors fall 2015 campaign featuring Natasha Poly.


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  1. Jeanne K. McGriff says

    I work in a law office. I type, take payments and answer the telephone. I meet clients.and touch lots of paper all day long. I wear only natural nail colors. Not a professional look to have streaks of red or dark nail color on the legal papers! I wear my nails short, softly rounded and neatly filed. I adore Essie nail polish. I have been layering limo-scene (1st coat) and ballet slippers (2nd coat) for about 2 yrs. and I LOVE the gel top coat for a longer-lasting manicure> Maybe it’s time for a change for Fall 2015. Think I’ll try Essie’s au naturel .

    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Jeanne! I love it!! Thanks for tip on limo-scene and ballet slippers! I am going to try that this week!!! But, yes, I totally agree: the neutral nail is where it is at!! Thanks for the comment and for following!! XO, cg

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