Birmingham Home & Garden Mag – What to Wear Now

Big news!!!  I am so excited to partner with Birmingham’s own Birmingham Home & Garden magazine for a fashion feature, What To Wear Now, in the September/October issue on stands now!

Y’all know by now that my first love and occupation (now that I have retired from the practice of law) is interior decorating.  I have been a fan of BHG from the get-go, but I really began taking note some seven or eight years ago when Cathy Still McGowin took the helm as Editor.  And now, I can’t wait for each edition because I know it will be amazing!  The truth is that Birmingham has major design chops, with architects and designers recognized and respected across the country.  Cathy does an amazing job of getting in the door to bring us Birmingham’s best and most beautiful homes.   And, if you don’t believe me, please pick up the September/October issue and tell me the featured home of Sumner and Jeff Starling’s, designed by architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern of Bates Corkern Studio, is not jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  Perfection!  See it here.

So, I am thrilled for an opportunity to merge my two loves (fashion really does run an extremely close second!!) with a feature in BHG on What To Wear Now.  I did a post on Marsala last month, noting the color is the hot ticket for Fall.  (Read it here).  And, while that post caters to the on-line shopper, my BHG feature, What To Wear Now . . . Marsala, brings you the wine/burgundy/berry hook up to fab fashion right here in Birmingham.  Because, there’s some amazing shopping just outside our doorstep here in the Ham.  It was so invigorating walking around checking out what everyone had in stock and learning how much more each retailer had in store in this fab hue this Fall.  If you haven’t gotten out and shopped on foot lately, now is the time to stretch your legs and take a stroll.  You are going to love what you find!

I think all of this makes it very clear that, if you haven’t subscribed to BHG yet, you are really (REALLY) missing out.  Check it out and subscribe here!



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