Are you in the mood yet?

Mood Rings Mood Rings.001

For some reason I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic.  It may be because my parents moved out of my childhood home after a million years but when I came across an article about the mood ring and how it can work to change up an outfit I was on board. Yall remember when were younger and we would go scrounge around our mother’s jewelry box. My mom had a mood ring which I loved trying on to see if it was really able to tell what my mood was. I suspect during the teen age years my mom wished she could have strapped that baby on my finger so she would know what to expect.

Just a recap on how the mood ring works (and so you can start your day feeling a little bit smarter) The crystals in a mood ring are calibrated to have a pleasing blue or green color at the average person’s normal resting body temperature of 82°F  As your body temperature in your hands or feet increases, which it does in response to passion and happiness, the crystals twist to reflect blue. When you are excited or stressed, blood flow is directed away from the skin and more toward the internal organs, cooling the fingers, causing the crystals to twist the other direction, to reflect more yellow. In cold weather, or if the ring was damaged, the stone would be dark gray or black and and really wouldn’t give you an adequate reading. So in other words this is the time to try a mood ring when the temperatures  aren’t too hot or too cold.

The top of the list is the warmest temperature, at violet, moving to the coolest temperature, at black.

  • violet blue – happy, romantic
  • blue – calm, relaxed
  • green – average, not much going on with you
  • yellow/amber – tense, excited
  • brown/gray – nervous, anxious
  • black – cold temperature or damaged ring

But anyway, lately I’ve been going the way of accessories to change up my looks and the mood ring or its brothers and sisters are a fabulous idea. I love costume jewelry. It is a fun way to add a little sparkle to our lives.

Rings No. 2 Mixed Metal 215.00

Katie Rowland Dark Forest Ring 420.00

Ringly Smart Jewelry (This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. The ring in conjunction with an app that you download, vibrates when a call is coming in or you receive a text message etc…)

Olivia Kane The Arch Ring 185.00

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