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Pin-Thin Stiletto Booties

Pin-Thin Stiletto Booties

With a husband that is 6’2″ I like my heels tall. Plus there is something about practicing law that I just feel a little bit more in control when I’m wearing high heels and towering over the men. As the weather turns a little cooler it is time to take a look at what boots I need this fall to help round out my wardrobe and I’ve decided I need these boots by Sam Edelman (1), a stick pin high heel that will look great with pants or pair with a dark tight and wear with a pencil skirt or midi skirt. Who is going to mess with me when they see walking down the street  wearing these killer heels?

The point (no pun intended) is the boot with the pin-thin stiletto is dressier than a wedge or the chunky heel that we’ve been seeing for a while. Just a couple of thoughts. You’ll notice that I’ve picked boots in the colors of gray and bordeaux and only one pair in black. That wasn’t a mistake. Neutrals are not just limited to black and tan, a color can act like a neutral as well.

I’ve found a few other booties with the stiletto heels that are literally killer. See Rebecca Minkoff  Booties (4) or these Pedro Garcia Booties or these from Stuart Weitzman(3) or these from Rachel Zoe(2) Go ahead and knock them dead!




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