Coat dress . . .

I am heading to Charleston this weekend for an architectural tour and am so excited (thrilled!!) to have several dinners to attend while there.  And, I really, really want to look super chic and cool and put my best foot forward as I try to break into the new biz.

And, because I write a fash blog, you probably think I have that all figured out. . .


And, while I feel like I can tell er’body how to lay down some fabulosity for they own self, I am often really lost when it comes to myself, especially when it comes to an event that is important to me.  Like now.

Also, I can kind of get paralyzed with expectations.

That was my sitch until Sunday.  As I was feverishly alternating between trolling the web for sophisticated dinner attire and street style photos of high waisted jeans, I came across this fab photo of Ece Sukan in a Umit Benan coat.  I have no clue who Mrs. Sukan is, or Umit Benan for that matter.  I have never heard of either one.  But, this photo stopped me dead.

And, then, I went racing back to the COS website to see if this chic coat dress I had been mildly considering was still available in my size (and if overnight shipping was doable).  COS clothes are so chic (and priced right) but, the pictures on the website always leave so much to the imagination.  Once I saw Mrs. Thang in her coat, though, I knew I had my answer.  Even if Ece’s isn’t a dress and is actually a coat, I could tell the coat thing would be a good thing.

And, then I saw Cindy Crawford in Net-a-Porter’s The Edit shutting it down in this silk charmeuse Dion Lee wrap dress that looks like a coat (or robe), I knew for sure the coat dress was where I wanted to be.  Malene Birger has this option and Mason by Michelle Mason has this super sexy silk option as well.

Then, yesterday morning, Preston Davis at Keep It Chic posted the exact picture of Ece Sukan (it’s clear Preston knows who Ece is) that had inspired me and I knew y’all needed to get in on this sitch.

Below, find the photo of Ece Sukan (by Phil Oh courtesy of and a screen grab of Cindy in her coat dress.  If you are a child of the ’70s and ’80s and remember Cindy’s super model days in the ’90s, watch the short video from The Edit here.  It’s a great stroll down fashion’s memory lane.

And, I pulled together a mood board for my cocktail party/dinner in Charleston look.  Oh how I wish Net-a-Porter was my closet!!





dress | earrings | cuff | shoes | clutch


dress | earrings | cuff | shoes | clutch


    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Jill, I agree!! I got the coat dress from COS and I am in love. It is already in heavy rotation in my closet!!! Thanks for the comment!! XO, cg


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