Friends and Family Listen Up

I love this time of year especially when my “in” box has a Friends and Family Coupon. Yesterday I received TWO. Drum roll please… The first was from Equipment. With the code EQFRIENDS you will receive 25% off your purchase. I love love love their silk shirts. You must go buy their classic white slim shirt. If you have one go buy another one. I’m telling you stop right now and go! I wear mine at least once a week this time of year. It is timeless and you will get a ton of wear out of it.

Ok but if you already have two of the classic white shirts then here are a few items that I added to my cart. From cashmere sweaters to silk shirts I promise you won’t regret it.

Equipment Cashmere Long Sweater

Equipment Cashmere Long Sweater

So the second email was from Joie. YES! oh my goodness I have to show some restraint but to be honest this is a great time for my daughter to stock up on some items and at 25% with the code JOFRIENDS her momma is a little more inclined to let that cart fill up.

Here are a few of the items from Joie I’ve got my eye on. So many pretty things…decisions decisions decisions…Ahh!


You’re Welcome. Now go stock up!



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