Boot up

Can you smell that?  It’s in the air.  It’s faint but present, still.  

That’s the distant smell of boot weather.  It’s headed this way, for sure.  It could be here any day now.

Are you ready?  Me either. . .

So, one of my chicest design clients was over yesterday for help with fitting her jeans (hey! we are full service here at CG Decoration LLC!!!).  We chose a fab and very flattering pair from among the 5 she had ordered.  She asked what shoes would go with the narrow-legged cropped flare jeans we selected.  Among the options, I suggested the jeans would be perfect with ankle boots.  “What? With these?” she asked.

But of course!  I love the look!  And I love a good ankle boot.  It is by far the most practical shoe option going for fall.

Below, I hooked you up with some street style picts and some direct links where you can find the same or similar options.




My favorite silhouette for Fall.  The flare crop and ankle boot with a chunk heel and a slightly pointed toe.  For similar, see these by Zara, these by Mango, these by Michael Kors, these by Tory Burch, or these by Chloé.


The pointed, almost western boot is really making a strong surge.  I really love it, especially after seeing it on this fab chick at Paris Fashion Week and then seeing it at both the Louis Vuitton and Céline shows for Spring 2016.  That means this style is a good bet for several seasons to come.  Try these by Aldo (a really good get), these by Zara,  these by Alexander Wang, or these by Saint Laurent.



Louis Vuitton Spring 2016


Céline Spring 2016

The buckle midi (which hits about 4 inches above the ankle) is also a classic.  This shoe will look perfect with your ankle slacks, your ankle jeans, and just about any skirt length.  The straps and buckles somehow provide the boot with a level of sophistication that makes it right for more affairs than just casual.  Try these by Zara, these by Club Monaco, or these by Isabel Marant.  You can see how awesome they look with slim trousers as Isabel Marant showed in her Fall 2015.  Also, we saw them with cropped flare jeans at Gucci back in the Spring.  I bought a pair from Emerson Fry last year and wore them a million times.



Isabel Marant Fall 2015


Gucci Spring 2015

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