Feeling blue…

So I’ve been out of town for work this week missing my family which always brings about the blues… so the other day, in an effort to stock up on some makeup I needed before heading out, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter for my favorite eye shadow, “Black chocolate” and oh my it has left the rotation of her products.

I love the dark brown color and the sparkle. So what was I to do? The ladies at the counter suggested Rich navy. I was hesitant because for one it was really dark and second, please we all remember those horrible pictures of the blue shadow up to the brow line, but I’m game for anything so I decided to give it a try. You know what,  it’s fabulous. This deep royal blue adds a bit of glamour while still being appropriate for work. Plus in a pinch I can use it as an eyeliner(which I had to do this past week)

I admit it I’m not a fancy eye shadow person. I don’t do the multiple colors in different areas of the lids. One color or two at the most is all I can handle. A couple of swipes and may be a liner on top and I want to be done, so dark colors usually work better for me.

Here are a few other blues that I’ve found, but in the meantime if you happen to see my Black chocolate please let me know. Old habits die hard.

Feeling blue...

Feeling blue…

  1. Guerlain Mono Eye Shadow

2.   Urban decay:

3. Dior

4. Nars Dual Intensity Eye Shadow

5. Bobbi Brown Matte Shadow

6. Dolce and Gabbana Cream Eye Shadow

7. Lancome Color Design Single

8. Estee Lauder



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