Fall Supper

Fall is the perfect time of year for outdoor dining.  At least in the South, while the days are still warm and the evenings are cooler and crisp, it’s delightful to enjoy the evening meal on the porch or patio.  #currentmood

So, I was trolling Amanda Brooks’ recently relaunched blog, I Love Your Style, which was my absolute favorite, and probably the first blog I ever followed, and until she stopped blogging one day.  Lucky for us, she is back at it.  You really must follow her, if you aren’t already!  (Find her blog here.).

This image stopped me dead and I just couldn’t move away.  The table linens are killing me. I need them, like, now!!  Turns out, the linens were a gift from Anthropolgie following Amanda’s recent collaboration with the brand.  The table she set is totally sick.  I love the deep aqua, purple, lavender and black.  I can imagine using them in spring with a variety of greens on the table and in summer with richly hued flowers like zinnias.

I ordered the table cloth and eight napkins, but I am afraid I should go ahead and order 4 more napkins just in case.  I know this is a set I will return to year after year and that I will always be glad that I made the investment.  I find it hard to pull the trigger on table linens but I have never been sorry that I did.  Find the table cloth here and the napkins here.

Amanda recently published a fab must read, Always Pack A Party Dress, which chronicles her adventures in the high fashion world and the lessons she learned along the way — such as always pack a party dress so as to never miss out on an unexpected opportunity, or,  when you know your in the wrong job, have the courage to move on, even if you aren’t sure what you will do next.  Anyway, there’s tons of sage advice and crazy stories and you will love love love the trip.  I blogged about it earlier this year.  (Read it here.).  Needless to say, if you aren’t following Amanda’s blog, you must. (Find it here.).




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