Alright!  It’s here!  Cold weather is official.  I busted out a coat this past weekend.  And, that has me all obsessed with a new winter coat!

I have had my eye on this Stella McCartney classic for several years.  She brings it back year after year because it is just a spot on classic.  I keep hesitating year after year because of the price.  Having said that, I think a classic camel coat is a closet basic worthy of a hefty investment.  This one form Joseph,  this one from Theory and this one from Isabel Marant are really close seconds in my opinion and offer a small price break.  If this isn’t the year of the coat in your budget but you want to get in on the camel game, try this one from Tommy Hilfiger or this one from Zara. Both have fab lines that will do you right for a couple of years until you are ready to make an investment.

The other coat I am just not sure I can live without is this classic duffle in black from Burberry Brit.  My only hesitation here is the Burberry tartan lining.  I know that the tartan itself is classic but I just am not into conspicuous consumption that much.  I’d rather it look good and you have no idea who made it than to advertise for a certain brand. I found this one by Barbour while trolling around for this post.  And, while it seems clear its from a past season, the duffle never goes out of style.  And, the price just can’t be beat.  And, then the tartan is way more subtle and does not speak to a particular brand.

Last year, I bought this one from Totême in black and loved every minute of it.  I am not surprised Elin Kling brought it back for a second season because the lines are so classic, though I am surprised she is not offering it in black this year.  I grabbed an attachable red fox fur collar from eBay and this coat went from “wow” to a showstopper in about 60 seconds.  (Don’t be afraid of eBay!!!  It can be your friend!!).  This one from Vince is pretty similar to the Totême one and is offered in black and this one from Cos is pretty awesome and a great price, too!

Finally, I really do love a cape.  I was in Atlanta this past weekend and every night to dinner I wore the black cape I snagged from Zara last year.  I even wore it on Monday morning with jeans and a suede tunic when it was super chilly.  Here’s the deal:  you have to buy one that is understated with clean lines that isn’t begging for attention (that is, keep the cut more narrow (not large and wide) without fringe or other embellishment).  If you buy a cape with a big flourish, unless you have a very over the top personality, I suspect you will often end up passing on the cape whereas an understated cape will always work.  It’s not too heavy or too much coat, you have plenty of room for whatever you are wearing underneath and it works well with the seatbelt in the car.  So, go for a cape, but keep it toned down, like this one from Karl Lagerfeld or this one from Zara.

Good luck!




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