Weekend Uniform

Here’s what happens with me just about every Saturday: I have to run around doing a million things all day long; I don’t want to look like crap because I know I will see a ton of people; but, really, I do NOT want to have to put a lot of effort into this; AND, this is important, I HAVE to be comfortable.  Feel me???

Never is there a better season for a uniform than Fall.  I just feel like this is when I get to relax on Saturday and still look super fash.  How?  There’s a simple formula.  Start with a great and comfortable pair of dark denim like these by Madewell or these by Mango (you know I am pushing high waisted jeans (so much more comfortable!!) and also I love it when I can find a fab pair that does not cost as much as a pair of shoes).

Then add a great, soft, and flattering sweater.  This year, I suggest investing in a fab and comfy cable knit (aka fisherman) sweater like this one by Tory Burch, this one by Isabel Marant, or this one by Topshop Unique.   As the days get cooler, pull the sweater over a stylish plaid shirt.  There are so many chic options this year like this one from Étoile Isabel Marant or this one from Madewell (both, a riff on this one from Saint Laurent).

Pull it all together with a very comfortable pair of ankle boots like these from Acne, these from Rag & Bone or, the Classic Newbury by Rag & Bone, which may be one of the most comfortable boots ever made (I promise you can go from sun up to sun down in this boot).

Don’t forget your super chic sunnies and your fab weekdend bag and you are set!

Mood board and inspiration photos to follow!

Happy Weekend!



sunglasses | cable-knit-sweater | high-waisted jeans | plaid shirt |

hobo handbag | ankle boot


sunglasses | cable-knit-sweater | high-waisted jeans | plaid shirt | 

hobo handbag | ankle boot




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