Signature Scent

Back a dozen or so years ago, when Nolita was hardly a shopping destination, I stumbled into a tiny little pale pink shop on Elizabeth Street called Calypso Christine Celle and walked out with a cashmere sweater and a bottle of perfume in an intoxicating aroma that would become my favorite and, eventually, my signature scent.   We all kind of have one of those, don’t we??

The perfume was Calypso’s own Mimosa and every other year or so I would mecca to NYC and stop by Calypso to replenish, occasionally purchasing a candle in the same scent.

And, then Calypso franchised into Calypso St. Barth – something major.  And, then, they stopped making my perfume.

Gloom, despair and agony on me.

Then, whilst researching for a post and perusing the local Calypso — it made it all the way to Birmingham — I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted it on the shelf and exclaimed, “It’s back!!!”  The sale lady confirmed that Calypso had heeded the plaintiff cry of Mimosa’s loyalists!!!  They brought it back due to customer demand.  And while I love to be a contrarian and not follow the masses, I am helpless when it comes to this scent.  I absolutely adore it and am happy every morning when I spritz a plume in the bathroom and walk through it!!

Lucky for us, everything at Calypso online is on sale 25% off through today.  Find the code here.  And, find the eau de perfume in purse atomizer here, small (30mL) here, and large (60 mL) here.  Find the candle here.




The Mimosa Flower.

Would it smell as good???

tell us what you think!!!