Fuzzy Wuzzy

So I love a fur vest. It is the perfect layering piece. Right now I’m wearing it with a short sleeve blouse but as the weather turns even cooler I’ll wear it with long sleeves or even a light weight sweater. It took me a while to come into the vest. I fought it for a long time because I wasn’t sure how to wear it but I’ve learned there really is not a wrong way to wear it. Be forewarned, it’s almost like you’re pregnant and everyone wants to rub your belly, everyone will want to rub on you with the fur vest because you will be so cuddly.

The vest adds a rock and roll vibe to even the most conservative outfits. I also wear my fur vest with jeans and dresses. I guarantee you will get compliments every time you rock a fur vest.

This is one of my favorites. Jocelyn vests come in a variety of price points but this one is a great price and acts like a neutral. It also comes in black. The black Jocelyn vest is a little more expensive but well worth it as I’m still rocking mine years later. This June Fur Vest is another great alternative, again in a color that you will wear for years. This Love Token (how great is the name) in Ivory is currently on sale and you can find it here.

Once you build up your basic think about putting on your Christmas list a fur vest in a fun color. Any of these could be worn with a black dress or black jeans depending on how fancy you need to go. I love this Vince draped fur vest in Lake or this June Fur Vest in Rouge

Not ready to go the fur vest route, then think about a fur scarf. Here are a few of my favorites: Jocelyn Fur Knitted Infinity Scarf or this Jocelyn Fur Infinity Scarf in Black and Peacock

Fur Vests and Scarves

Fur Vests and Scarves

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