Halloween costume

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

No, this not about some easy DIY costume. I don’t do dress up. The very idea gives me heart palpations. Some people have a knack for dress up. I just look like I’m trying too hard although I certainly admire the Heidi Klums of the world that can put together an amazing and creative costume.

So this post is about what I’m wearing to hand out candy to all the trick or treaters because that is what is really important…the candy.

This sweater by Ella Moss, paired with these jeans by Hudson in Metallic Amber and the piece de resistance these boots by Sam Edelman. Accesorize with these earrings and this BEX nyc Leather bracelet

Happy Halloween and PS Don’t forget to turn back your clocks an hour. An extra hour of sleep is not to be wasted!



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