Scrub a dub

Ya’ll my elbows have not been looking too great. I take full responsibility for letting this body part not get the attention it needs but come on there are only so many hours in the day. Just kidding. It is too easy not to pay attention to your elbows and I simply just forgot.

Well that ended a month ago and I’ve been all about the scrub and I’m pleased to report that my elbows have been looking better but it has taken some elbow grease (no pun intended). I found a great scrub at Aveda which I use in the shower as I let my conditioner soak in. I rub the scrub on my elbows and other dry patches and while it was not overnight I have seen success. The key has to be consistency. I use it every day in the shower because I noticed that if I took off a few days then the elbows started to look rough again.

With the holidays coming up and us all wanting to wear sleeveless holiday dresses our elbows will need to be in fighting form. Did I mention this scrub smells amazing, almost like you are on a Caribbean island. Last point, as soon as you get out of the shower, lather on your favorite lotion. Here are a few of my favorites here, here, here.



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