Mountain Brook ranks #2 in Elle DECOR’s 50 Best Suburbs in America

ElleDECOR‘s ranking of the 50 best suburbs in America was released yesterday and guess who is Number 2, baby????  It’s our hometown of Mountain Brook, Alabama.  That puts us ahead of very swank and upscale suburbs such as Highland Park, Texas.  If you have ever visited Highland Park, or any of the other suburbs on the list, you will be very impressed to learn that Mountain Brook is ranked second!!!  According to the editors at ElleDECOR, Mountain Brook “could be straight out of a fairytale.”  Read the full article here.

Do you want to know what catapulted us over into the #2 spot????  Our “perfect 10” public school rating!  Go Mountain Brook Schools!!!

Seems to me now is the perfect time to support the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation (whose mission is to keep the MB schools’ awesome quotient high) by coming to the Fashions for the Foundation Fashion Show at the Grand Bohemian next Monday, November 9 at 11 am.  It’s one of the Foundation’s biggest fund-raisers and Martha and I are MC’ing the event!!!  All the best retailers and Mountain Brook’s chicest residents will be representing.  Find more information and purchase tickets here.



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    Thank you for spreading the word about the beautiful city of Mountain Brook, and for showing my original photograph, featured in this article. I have wonderful memories of that day spent with my husband at Jemison Park, followed by a walk through the neighborhood. April in Mountain Brook really is special!

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    While I am flattered that you chose to use my original copyrighted photo in your article, you have edited it to remove any credit I may have received for this. Please either give me credit for my copyrighted photograph or approve my comment. The original source is on and I would like the link back to this. Otherwise, please remove this photo entirely. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Shannon! Absolutely! I did not realize that it had not posted Sometimes there is a disconnect between the iPhone app and the the desktop versions of WordPress. While I had clicked “approve” it is clear that it had not been conveyed! I have done that now, but tell me how you want to be credited and I will add a special by-line. Do you have a website or a blog that we could link to? So sorry! And we were just trying to promote the article, which does provide credit

    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Shannon! I have updated the post with a link to your site. Thanks for linking our article as well!

      Kind regards,

      Caroline and Martha

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