My New Shoe Obsession . . .

I have gotten into this thing where I hook into a shoe at the start of a season and wear it like a broken record.  I end up tailoring my outfits to the shoe and not the other way around. And, I am pretty sure this is driven by a need for comfort (insert sigh, heavy with resign) and also because I feel like my life moves so fast that I really, really need a uniform — a dependably cool and comfortable shoe is a major part of that.  This spring and summer and up until this week when it turned cold (for, like, a day) it was the Chloé cork-heeled wedge for me, which I have worn literally every day for 6 months and they still look new and are in fab shape and ready for next summer.  A great investment. . .

What I loved about the Chloé cork-heeled wedge, I looked for in a shoe for Fall and Winter. And while a mid-heeled bootie has usually taken this honor, I have been loving my high waisted, cropped, flare denim and I really really love just that little shot of ankle that shows below the hem.  I really want to wear them all winter long with turtlenecks and for my ankles to show.

And, then I found the Gucci Marmont Fringed Loafer. . .  And I knew.

Too bold???  It’s a bold taste of late sixties/early seventies, for sure.  But, I like the idea of keeping current with this pervasive vibe.  And, the shoe is also a riff on a super traditional fringed loafer, which I also like.  And the heel height gives me the little lift that I have to have to fool my brain into thinking that I do not look short and fat (how I always feel in flats) but is still wearable all day long.

I am totally psyched with my new obsession, whether or not it catches on.  So, we’ll see if it ends up being a look that takes me through a couple of Falls.   But, I bet we see more of these just-released loafers in the streets in the months to come. . .

Below, I hooked you up with a few street style pics and a mood board to help you feel me.









Prada Cat-eye Sunglasses | Ann Mashburn Fine-gauge Cashmere Turtleneck | Tiffany T: Wire Hoop Earrings | Mango Lina High-Waist Cropped Flare Jeans | Gucci Marmont Loafer

gucci marmont board.001

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