A little holiday sparkle

Bobbi Brown Holiday Look

Bobbi Brown Holiday Look

With holiday parties just around the corner, I try and find a way to refresh the make up. Lately, this Bobbi Brown eye shadow caught my eye so I wandered up to  my neighborhood Bobbi Brown counter to check it out. In the process I walked away with a new eye shadow and a new technique to applying the eye shadow that I just had to pass along to yall.

I’ve been reading about the Limited Edition Sequin Eye Shadow and just had to check it out. Now don’t freak out, I promise it looks darker in the case than on the eye. The shadow is infused with flecks of metallic shimmer which just gives you the pop you need. But I promise it goes on so light that you can wear it during the day and to enhance it for night just wet your eye shadow brush and pat on.

So here is how the awesome ladies taught me to use. First, take a neutral such as bone and sweep all over the eye up into the area just below the eye brow. (I like the bone because I’m not a huge user of eye shadow that high but it is subtle enough that you don’t even see it) Then take your Sequin Eye Shadow and with your eye shadow brush pat along the eye lid. Why pat? Well because it allows for the eye shadow to get in the hard to reach places like the corne of your eye with out getting over all over your face. Use your eye liner and you are ready. Need to punch it up for night. Take a separate eye shadow brush and dampen and dip into your Sequin Eye Shadow and then again pat over the eye lid and into the crease. You can then line the upper lid with your favorite liner and holiday party here you come.

Here are some of the other products they used:

Bobbi Brown Holiday Look

Bobbi Brown Holiday Look

Eye Shadow in Bone

Limited Edition Sequin Eye Shadow in Constellation

Long Wearing Gel Eyeliner in Black

Tinted Eye Brightener

Eye Shadow Brush

Eye Sweep Brush (use with the Bone Eye Shadow)



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