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Gift Guide Teenagers

Gift Guide Teenagers

The thirteen and up is probably one of the most difficult age groups to shop for Christmas. Everything has to be just right but luckily my crack research team (13 year old daughter and her friends) have hooked me up and in turn y’all.

  1. I love the Brixton Hat Collection. At $6o.00 it is perfect price point for the teenage set. It is a little smaller than the Janessa Leone hat for women so it fits your teenager perfectly.
  2. Bobbi Brown Mini Long Wear Cream Stick Duo- $20.00. These are two great neutral colors for the eyes that are a hint of makeup without being too garish. They are easy to apply and something that she can throw into her purse or back pack
  3. The Photo Cube by Vupoint. This gift for $99.00 is at the top of my daughter’s list. She and her friends take about a million pictures a day. All you do is hook up their cell phone to the cube and voila they have their selfie ready to be printed. This would also be a great party idea too.
  4. IHome Color Changing Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Speaker  for $49.00 How cool is this? Any bluetooth device such as phone, iPad, computer works. While the music plays, and LED light with six color  changing modes emits different colors.
  5. Sam Edelman Booties in Silver Glitter. There are no other words but these boots are awesome. I have noticed that the glitter is starting to be more prominent in the wardrobe and these booties will answer the call.  At $150.00 it is an extravagant gift but they last a very long time and by the time you do the reliable cost per wear, your daughter’s boots will really only cost a few dollars because she will wear them all the time, plus how fun are they. I definitely see us sharing.
  6. Almost everyone my age had a Swatch watch back in the 80’s when we were teenagers. Well they’re back. A multitude of colors it was hard to pick just one to post. But the girls will love swapping out with each other. For $70.00 this is a fun gift.

Finally check out last year’s gift guides for the teenagers here and here if you need even more ideas.

There are more gift guides coming. Caroline and I have been working hard to find the perfect gift for all the people on your list. Don’t forget,  we’ve added a Gift tab up top so all you have to do is click. It is going to be a very Merry Merry Christmas indeed.



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